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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New TraillWorks Site is Launched, Plus New BLOG!

FINALLY, more than three years in the making, has been redesigned and is now live! It's been quite a challenge over the past several years working with an outdated site and many designers who didn't quite get me. After much research, I decided to use a template site to help me construct and host, since I have little html knowledge. 

There are still pages to complete and content to add and change, but after months of work, I wanted to share the new site. Now that it's hosted by, I will have the flexibility to update and change elements as my art develops. 

So, take a look around, there's lots to see. What's new? I have a dedicated portfolio of my own work, including works in-progress, sketches and a page dedicated to commissions (still in design). There's a blog hosted directly on my site:, but you can still link to my old blog on Blogger to see archived posts. The lesson page has been updated and most exciting of all; there is a shopping cart on my site and you can begin making purchases such as lessons and a new product: ARTaments.

In honor of the launch of the site, find the link to ARTaments on the site and share the page on Facebook or Twitter with #ARTaments. Each person who shares will receive $10 off their ARTament order. LEARN more about #ARTaments here.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's been Some Year! A Look Back . . . and Ahead.

I hate to say that it's been more than a year since my last blog post, but heck, I've been a bit busy. Unfortunately with our life in flux last year (selling and moving so quickly, closing my retail gallery and studio in Newton, having a baby, and now adjusting to life with two children) I never made a formal announcement about the birth of Auggie (pictured below). Considering all of our life changes, I've been on an extended maternity leave from my business.

This month I've found a part-time sitter for my youngest - five hours a week -which feels like an eternity of time! So, little by little, I am weaning from my maternity and settling in by painting some new pieces, preparing for an upcoming workshop, teaching some lessons, redesigning my marketing materials, and beginning a web redesign! I will be blogging more in the forthcoming year, but I'm home full-time with a 10-month old and my 5-year old when he is not in pre-k, so at this point I'm not ready to schedule a commitment. 

Here's a brief visual overview of what I've been working on over the past year:

One of the few sketches (Joel watching a movie) I completed prior to giving birth to Auggie.
Living in a temporary apartment for six months, boxes were everywhere.
Most of my art supplies were in storage, inaccessible.

August (Auggie) born May 15th
Joel snuggling with his little brother (summer '13)

Shot of the STUDIO - TraillWorks on the 3rd Floor. I was ready for lessons by the end of September.
We purchased a home in West Orange and moved in at the end of August.

Joel breaking in the studio, making woodblock prints place cards for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Our new home in West Orange during the December snow storms.

Auggie growing up, March 2014

In my next few blog posts I'll share more about some of the art I've managed to squeeze in over the past year, as well as lessons and workshops I've been teaching, and some other shots of my studio. In the meantime, stay in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter, where you'll find me the most. It's great to get back to the studio, and to my art!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You're Invited to Dedicate the Mural at St. Joseph's

A portion of the mural, ©2012 Jennie Traill Schaeffer
On August 18th I put the finishing touches of varnish and officially signed the St. Joseph's mural. After a year and a half of work, my biggest project has been completed. Now, I'm excited to announce an official Mural Dedication which is set to take place on October 14th from 1 - 3pm at St. Joseph's Regional School in Newton. 

The school is located at 20 Jefferson Street, but the mural is accessed by alleys on Halsted and Jefferson Street to the rear of the school. St. Joseph's is putting together a HarvestFest to celebrate the mural. They will be hosting a family-friendly event with a bounce house, pumpkin decorating, face painting, music, and carnival games. 

I hope you'll join me in this very special day! Learn more about the event and the mural process in this Sunday's New Jersey Herald - St. Joseph School to dedicate mural at HarvestFest.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Contemporary Landscapes at TraillWorks

Janet Howard-Fatta: Brilliant AutumnChris Chappell: South StreetKate Childs: UntitledBrenda Decker: Over the FieldBrenda Decker: Lake ShoreBrenda Decker: Ocean Breeze
Brenda Decker: After The StormWater's EdgeBrenda Decker: Spring SkyBrenda Decker: Day at the BeachDistant ShoreBrenda Decker: Beyond the Dunes
Janet Howard-Fatta Winter PathJanet Howard-Fatta: Morning MeadowJanet Howard-Fatta: After the StormJanet Howard Fatta: Large TreeJanet Howard-Fatta: Main StreetJanet Howard-Fatta: Railroad Ave. AM
Janet Howard-Fatta: At the TracksJane Brennan Koeck: Thunder Bay Triptych I, II, IIJane Brennan Koeck: Endless Bluebonnets I, II, IIIJane Brennan Koeck: Blazing Bayou Triptych I, II, IIKarin Lowney-Seed - SeaAmanda Gordon Miller: Fairy Woods in Winter
Contemporary Landscapes, a set on Flickr.

Our current exhibit speaks to the expanding importance of the landscape genre and the growing desire artists have to document the environment. Through unique, personal visions, ten artists bring the outside world into the gallery space. While many of the works are oil paintings, some explore bridging traditional media like combining watercolor, oil and collage in one work. Some of the works feature luminescent portrayals of Main Street America; some expressive depictions of urban cities; others explore wide vistas and dramatic storm systems. Artists from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Texas and Massachusetts will have their work on display at TraillWorks through August 19th.
We'd like to thank all who attended our opening reception on July 14th. Special thanks to The Alternative Press for their coverage of the show and "Paint Newton", held on the same day. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to The Plaza Restaurant for their delicious sandwiches, cavatelli and broccoli, and paella they offered as "Art Partner" to the exhibit. The Mediterranean influenced restaurant is located at 118 Spring Street and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For more information about the exhibit and the artists featured, visit the current events page of our web site. 

If you're not a subscriber to our newsletter, sign up here. We're going to be offering a special promotion starting tomorrow, announced in our newsletter.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Nuts and Bolts of the St. Joseph's Mural Commission

Detail of the Crucifixion Window in-progress at St. Joseph's Regional School

Murals have been on my mind. I was commissioned last April by St. Joseph's Regional School in Newton, NJ to complete a mural to complete a play-scape transformation project. My surface - a 40' x 15' cinder block wall pierced with windows. When I first viewed the walls, I thought wow, that is huge. I've never worked that large, let alone outside. Fear of the unknown crept in slowly and I fought back with a determination to successfully execute this project.

Philly Art, courtesy of

I spent a summer in college interning at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and was exposed to their very successful Mural Arts Program. Every corner you turn in Philly, a wall is elaborately finished with amazing images painted by artists. This was my opportunity to understand and work on a grand scale.
Part of my original design for the mural

I took the commission which has taken about a year to design. No, I have not worked on it every day for a year, but in juggling my other projects and teaching, it took a year to come up with an initial idea, and then go through the revision process. Last June I spent two sessions working with selected students in brainstorming ideas. I took some of their ideas. along with my own to present an initial design that incorporated both scripture and elements of the school day. The schema I came up with breaks the wall into a series of stained glass windows, turning the outside into a church-like environment, giving the feeling you are outside and inside a Gothic cathedral at the same time. Ultimately, the committee felt I needed to go purely in the religious direction, so I came up with an illustration depicting 9 bible verses selected by the priest of St. Jo's, Father Brian Sullivan. The windows start with Creation and end with the Resurrection / Ascension.

On the scaffolding for the first time!
Color studies for the mural, done in marker
At the end of March, my current design was approved and then I waited for the warm weather to return. I picked up two sets of 5' scaffolding with my parent liaison, Jessie Martin, and her 70 year old mother who lent us her pickup truck and instructed me on putting it together and scaling it! Truly humbling to watch Jessie's mother climb all over the scaffolding as if she had been born on it.

Montana Hardcore Paint Markers, image from
Nativity and St. Joseph windows after completing the drawing at night.
I'm using a process that I researched thoroughly over the past year; projecting my image with an Art Prism and drawing the outlines with Montana Hardcore markers. This work required darkness for the image to successfully show on the wall so I spent about six, warm and dry weather evenings in April and May from 8:15 through 10 and 11pm drawing the design with a parent buddy, students, and my son and husband keeping me company. Numerous evenings Joel, my son, would cry because he had to go to bed and couldn't come to the mural. It was really special to have him see me work on this project and be so interested.

After my first painting session.
As of May 10th I finally began the painting. I'm using custom mixed acrylics special ordered from Golden Acrylics in New York state. They make amazing paints - this is my first time using them and I'm super impressed by the coverage, color, and texture of the paints. After I got into the project, I remembered learning about their use for mural work from my time at Pearl Paint. In about a week from ordering at Jerry's Artists' Outlet in West Orange, I had 5 gallons of artists acrylic. I'm using colors suggested by Marshall Okin at Jerry's - manganese blue, pyrole red, hansa yellow medium, bone black, and titanium white - all rated for permanence.The colors are really impressive on the wall.
Detail of Jesus from the Ascension / Resurrection Window
Ascension/Resurrection of Jesus Window, nearly complete as of 5/18
Crucifixion Window, started 5/19

I'm only working on the 2nd of the 9 windows and am hoping to complete any scaffolding work by the beginning of June. However, now that I see how long I am spending on each window, I probably have a good 70 hours worth of work ahead of me; which I'm fitting in around my retail hours at the gallery, my teaching schedule, and picking up my son from daycare. Whew! So if you'd like to follow my progress, become of fan of my Facebook page - that's where I'm posting daily updates. You're also more than welcome to stop by and watch me work.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Growth, Renewal, & Change

Marie Christine Murphy: Blue MorphoAmanda Gordon Miller: Birds and BranchesAmanda Gordon Miller: NestAmanda Gordon Miller: Nest With Three EggsAmanda Gordon Miller: Nest, Nesting, Nestle, NestledAmanda Gordon Miller: Pregnancy Portrait
Amanda Gordon Miller: Sweet WilliamAndrea Rosenfeld: Carnelian Lucite Coral Five-strand-braceletAndrea Rosenfeld: Carnelian MOP Jasper Pearl Fire Agate 5-strand Slant LoAndrea Rosenfeld: Cocobolo with Azurite drum aAndrea Rosenfeld: Copper Italian Marble Mookaite Crystal Silver NecklaceAndrea Rosenfeld: Crystal Teeth
Andrea Rosenfeld: Mixed Stone and Leather BangleAndrea Rosenfeld: Purple FlowerAndrea Rosenfeld: Reclaimed Wood PendantAndrea Rosenfeld: Silver and Sterling Pendant Eye Glass HolderAndrea Rosenfeld: Silverleaf Pearl Quartz Y-NecklaceAndrea Rosenfeld: Turquoise Pearl Sterling Aqua Howlite Blue Goldstone Glass Bracelet Healing Side
Andrea Rosenfeld: Two Strand Amethyst Turquoise Pearl Glass Jasper NecklaceBrenda Decker: Spring SkyBrenda Decker: Vernal AfternoonBrenda Decker: Vernal EveningBrenda Decker: Vernal MorningDavid Ohlerking: Main and Spring
Growth, Renewal, & Change, a set on Flickr.
Join us for the opening of the much-anticipated exhibit, Growth, Renewal and Change, the first group show of TraillWorks' 2012 season. Through Friday, facebook fans and newsletter subscribers can preview the work on Flickr and save $10 on every $100 on work they purchase.

Featuring the following fifteen artists' insights of Growth, Renewal, and Change, this show is a fitting start to the Spring:

The opening reception runs from 5 - 8pm on Saturday, April 21st at the gallery in Newton. Artist, Ron Hornung, will be guiding attendees throughout the evening in making a collaborative "Handala", an artwork based on a mandala made from hand tracings.

Food is being provided by Spring Street's, The Plaza Restaurant, this exhibit's Art Partner. Frank Desario will be serving up his homemade paella, grilled vegetables, and more, along with drinks provided by TraillWorks.

For more information about the artists and the exhibit, visit